Bone Thugs And Harmony Black Rhinestone Short Sleeve T-Shirt Size Large


In Excellent condition

Formation and Early Years

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, an iconic name in the hip-hop industry, traces its roots to Cleveland, Ohio. The group was formed by Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone, and Flesh-N-Bone, five young men driven by their shared passion for music. Their journey began in the early 1990s, a period marked by significant challenges and relentless determination. Each member brought a unique element to the group, contributing to their distinctive sound that blends rapid-fire raps with melodious harmonies.

In their formative years, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony faced numerous obstacles. The Cleveland music scene did not provide many opportunities for aspiring hip-hop artists, compelling the group to seek recognition beyond their hometown. Despite these challenges, they remained undeterred, honing their craft and performing wherever they could. Their perseverance paid off when they caught the attention of Eazy-E, the legendary rapper and co-founder of Ruthless Records.

This shirt features rhinestone wording of the group name.


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